What is Jamstack Development?

JAM is an acronym for JavaScript, API, and Markup. It describes an innovative architectural approach to web development designed to create efficient and lightning-fast websites. Jamstack is based on pre-rendering and decoupling principles and successfully combines a static website’s benefits with a database–oriented CMS’s dynamic features, resulting in fast, scalable, and user-friendly websites favored by Google’s algorithm.

When to use Jamstack?

Fast business websites 

Jamstack is a top-notch solution for building high-performance websites that represent your business and make it easy to turn visitors into loyal customers. Additionally, it is entirely future-proof and allows you to scale quickly as your business grows. 

Custom landing pages

Statistics have shown that landing pages increase conversion rates by up to 50% compared to sending a visitor straight to your site. Jamstack helps your business grow by increasing conversion rates via a bespoke and flawlessly-optimized landing page. 

Software & SaaS Marketing Websites

JAMstack allows you to showcase your software and SaaS development capabilities via an intuitive, superfast, and SEO-efficient website that integrates well with third-party tools and gives the audience a trial of your user experience. 

Benefits of Jamstack Developement

The Jamstack approach leads to enhanced security, improved performance, better user experience, and lower scaling costs for web products. These outstanding benefits are facilitated by maintaining most functionalities on the browser side and drawing out the rest to an external API.

Headless CMS

A headless CMS implies that the front-end and back-end are separate systems – which allows for creating robust content authoring and editorial management workflows in a simpler manner.

Strong SEO support

Jamstack is ideal for websites looking to get an edge on SEO. Google easily indexes static pre-rendered pages, and faster load times lead to happier users and improved engagement rates.

High-traffic capabilities

Traditional websites often struggle to manage large volumes of visitors and need catching pages. Jamstack websites leverage CDN (Content Delivery Network) and involve no extra workflow to maintain quick loading pages in spite of high traffic.

Stellar security

Jamstack websites don’t need an active connection with a server and don’t rely on databases; hence they don’t have the same security vulnerabilities as other websites and are immune to hacking.

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Cost of Jamstack website

Landing page

2200 +
2200 +
3000 +
  • Headless CMS
  • Default template included
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • 60 days warranty
  • QA testing
  • Deployment

eCommerce shop

10000 +
10000 +
15000 +
  • Headless CMS
  • 3 key page templates
  • Scores in PageSpeed Insight above 90/100
  • Scores in GTMetrix above 90%
  • 2 archives (like Blog and Case Studies)
  • Default Template page
  • 60 days warranty
  • QA testing
  • Deployment

Here’s What Our
Clients Are

More reviews:
The project was a success. IMADO met the deadline and even had some extra time to add new, unplanned elements before the event started. We were impressed with their work and their communication was exceptional despite the time difference. Overall, they were creative and outstanding.
Adam Sugihto Founder at intention.al (Australia)
IMADO team were transparent about the whole process and pleasant to deal with.
PhilHeim Marketing Strategist (Canada)
We were impressed by their attention to detail, responsiveness, and very helpful nature. Imado have been great at developing and collaborating on wireframes, planning additional website functionality and turning over work to a very high standard.
Dan Charles Director, Codarity (United Kingdom)
IMADO produced stunning designs that have set the app up for its MVP launch. Working with them was easy thanks to their excellent communication and punctuality. IMADO’s deep experience led to highly implementable suggestions for making the end product even better.
Karol Drażyński CEO at dobrygabinet.com (Poland)
IMADO delivered a platform that's received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. The website was enthusiastically received by the internal team as well. It's repositioned the client to be more relevant in the digital space. The team maintained an excellent workflow and a quick turnaround.
Levan Bardavelidze CEO at webdesign-berlin.de (Germany)
IMADO was able to help with the launch of our new website. The solution included many new features that were not available in the previous project. Communication with the team was flawless and provided quick response times throughout the project.
Juliusz Micko CEO at vixagames.com (Poland)
More reviews:

Our Clients

We provide our clients with full outsourcing of design and programming services, offering a flexible model of cooperation.


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Business Owners

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